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At the various public informational sessions about the West Old Town dump, a curious "Public Participation" document emerged. The version reproduced below is taken from the co-signed response to the appeals against the dump, produced by Asst. Attorney General William Laubenstein III (apparently representing the DEP at that time) and Tom Doyle, attorney for Casella, and formerly representing Georgia-Pacific in the deal. In what they think is a convincing tour-de-force, they claimed many opportunities for public participation, going well beyond the strict requirements of the law.

We won't clutter up this Dispatch with a detailed critique of this purported participation timeline (the very first entry is false, since the Resolve never even made it to Committee until June, and there were not "hearings" etc.) Because this purported participation timeline has been attached to Casella's legal brief (March 17, 2005) We the People is assembling a document that refutes many of the claims made here. For this, see Timeline Facts. For a detailed timeline as assembled by We the People, see Timeline (300k text document).

One event, however, deserves particular notice: "June 2003 Old Town City Council Public Meeting resulting in Resolution supporting legislative Resolve."

Exactly when was this (non-)meeting, Tom and Bill? The City Clerk of Old Town has no record of it. The Penobscot Times never ran a story about it, and inquiries by the Times' editor never unearthed any such meeting. No citizen of Old Town can be located who participated or even heard of this meeting. We have reluctantly come to the conclusion that this meeting never took place.

The Old Town City Council did unanimously sign a letter of support for the Legislative Resolve. This letter was written and signed on June 3, 2003, and then carried to Augusta by City Manager John Lord (see also Dispatch #18). That was the day, June 3, 2003, of the only public hearing held by the Joint Committee on Natural Resources regarding the landfill Resolve.

Tom and Bill, we ask you again, please: When was this "public meeting?"

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