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In Dispatch #8 a cash infusion of $6 million from Casella to Georgia-Pacific via the State was offered. Was this offer accepted in full or formally? The day after the new cash "enhancement offer" was made, Gov. Baldacci spoke with G-P's Chairman and CEO Pete Correll, and one day later the Governor's assistant Alan Stearns sent the follow-up message that is reproduced below.

There are gaps in the documentary record that we have obtained so far. Though $6 million was offered ($1 million without conditions, and $5 million with conditions involving restructuring of the long term biomass fuel and sludge dump contracts) we don't know that this entire offer was actually accepted, formally or informally, by G-P. We do know, however, that an additional $1 million showed up in the final Operating Services Agreement, in the form of an escrow cash account called the "Improvement Fund." And we have seen nothing that indicates that this offer was not accepted. Suddenly, a deal that was in trouble in late December was again on track. Both the land purchase and the Operating Services Agreement were completed about three weeks later, on February 5, 2004.

What is the problem here, if any? This seems to be a question for the legal system to sort out, at this point. Until then, it is our intent to make details of this deal publicly known, so that other eyes and minds than our own can begin to judge what the West Old Town Landfill is really all about.

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