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With the Board of Environmental Protection hearing of our appeals out of the way as of last Thursday (October 21, 2004), this seems to be a good time to bring some of the information that has been learned in the process of fighting the dump through the established procedural channels. We plan to post one new document every day for at least the next few weeks, in order to provide some snapshot windows into the West Old Town Landfill process.

This first item is one of our favorites. Since we had it was already in digital form, it was easy to get going with it. Some of the future documents will be provided as scanned images, .pdf files, etc., depending on what materials we are working from. Since we have created our own documentation (such as videos of overweight ash trucks going over I-395) some of the future "daily dump documents" will probably be delivered to the web in multimedia form.

In the e-mail message below, George MacDonald, the State Planning Office waste management and recycling person who is managing this project for the State, says he isn't allowed to tell us where to find a definition of "out of state waste," even though for months he and everyong else promoting this project, had been telling the public that there would be no "out of state waste" going into the Old Town landfill. Why weren't they also telling us that there is absolutely no definition of out of state waste that would back up anything they were saying? And another aside: this person is the Director of the SPO's "community assistance team"??

It would be easy to launch off into a whole essay on how this fits into the dump process, but that's not the point of the Dump Documents Dispatch, which is just aimed at getting some of this out for everytone to see.

This is a cooperative project of We The People / Stop The Dump and commoncoordinates.com. If you have questions, reactions, or ideas for future Dump Documents please contact: Paul Schroeder or Stan Levitsky. Thanks for everyone's support.

From: "MacDonald, George"
To: "'Paul Schroeder'" , "MacDonald, George"
Cc: HLSanborn@aol.com, tamara.levitsky@maine.edu, "White, Lucinda"
Subject: RE: questions about the Old Town dump
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 15:56:41 -0400

1. Mr. Schroeder:

Based upon instructions from the Office of the Attorney General, I am unable to provide responses to questions regarding testimony or the basis of statements made, in light of the litigation that has been filed.

Should you have questions regarding issues connected with this litigation, please direct them to Assistant Attorney General Lucinda White, who represents the State Planning Office and has been assigned to this project.

She has been copied on this e-mail response to you.



George M. MacDonald, Director
Community Assistance Team
Maine State Planning Office
184 State Street
38 State House Station (if mailing only)
Augusta, Maine 04333-0038
tel: 207-287-5759
fax: 207-287-6489
web site: www.recyclemaine.com

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From: Paul Schroeder [mailto:pauls@commoncoordinates.com]
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004 8:21 AM
To: MacDonald, George
Cc: HLSanborn@aol.com; tamara.levitsky@maine.edu
Subject: RE: questions about the Old Town dump

Dear Mr. MacDonald.

Thank you for your note. If this the definitions and distinctions regarding out of state waste are not in Maine rules or statutes, where are they made?

What is the basis for various statements made in public meeting, some made under oath, asserting that "processing" of waste in Maine makes it "in-state waste"?


Paul Schroeder
866 7766

At 04:36 PM 6/10/2004 -0400, MacDonald, George wrote:

>Dear Mr. Schroeder:
>This e-mail is in response to your recent e-mail (which follows below) where
>you asked to "know where the distinction between waste generated in state
>and out of state is provided in the rules or statutes."
>The distinction between "in state" and "out of state" is defined in neither
>the solid waste management rules nor in the Maine statutes.
>George M. MacDonald, Director
>Community Assistance Programs
>Maine State Planning Office
>184 State Street
>38 State House Station (if mailing only)
>Augusta, Maine 04333-0038
>tel: 207-287-5759
>fax: 207-287-6489
>web site: www.recyclemaine.com
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>From: Paul Schroeder [Mailto:pauls@commoncoordinates.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 2:37 PM
>To: george.macdonald@maine.gov
>Cc: HLSanborn@aol.com; tamara.levitsky@maine.edu
>Subject: questions about the Old Town dump
>June 9, 2004
>Dear Mr. MacDonald:
>Several assertions have been made in public meetings regarding what
>qualified as "in-state" vs. "out of state" waste.
>These referred to ash, by-pass and C & D. I have not found any statements
>defining these terms in Maine rules or statutes.
>There is a statement about "dumping" out of state waste in the statutes but
>it seems to apply to littering and unauthorized dumping, not to landfilling.
>Please let us know where the distinction between waster generated in state
>and out of state is provided in the rules or statutes.
>Thanks for your help,
>Paul Schroeder
>866 766
>cc: Laura Sanborn, Stan Levitsky