Dump Documents Dispatch #18
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The scariest obstacle, from the DEP's perspective, in the West Old Town dump process would have been holding public hearings on the project (see also Dispatch #17). The Governor's office was very concerned about this, and when the period for public hearing requests closed, the Governor's assistant Alan Stearns sent an email to DEP's project manager Cyndi Darling asking if any hearings had been requested.

After outlining the several requests that had been received (all of which, of course, were eventually denied) Cyndi tagged the following line onto her reply to Stearns: "a first for me - the City of Old Town requested that the Department not hold a public hearing" (message of Dec. 13, 2003). This request, reproduced below, was from Old Town City Manager John Lord, a major player in keeping this process hidden from the citizens of the city that hired him (for instance, in pushing through a Council resolution in favor of the legislative resolve without a public meeting -- see Dispatch #19 -- and in keeping alternative local control options out of Council discussions -- see future Dispatches).

Throughout this process, We the People have often asked: Who are our elected, appointed and employed public officials working for, anyway? (See for instance Dispatch #15). Who is the DEP protecting? They are not protecting us.

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