Dump Documents Dispatch #3
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There are checks and balances that aim to keep governmental processes within established bounds of the law. There are internal controls over activities such as soliciting contracts to do work for the state. The West Old Town Landfill process showed that some of these controls were at least partially functioning. These include the Attorney General's office (the same one that is co-authoring briefs with the private sector dump developers, deferring to private attorneys to argue the State's case before the Board of Environmental Protection, and serve as advisors to the BEP, DOT, Governor, DEP and SPO -- for those new to this: Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Environmental Protection, and State Planning Office) and the Division of Purchases. Staff in the Office of the Attorney General, apparently, did force this project out to bid in the first place.

Today's document is taken from the saga, which lasted several months, concerning exactly how large a "performance bond" would be required from Casella before they could be given the contract to run the landfill. Briefly: a $50 million bond was required, and Casella worked relentlessly to avoid securing the bond. In the end, they were successful in avoiding meeting the terms of this part of the RFP (request for proposals). One of the main questions surrounding the dump deal is whether the State's internal controls provided adequate protection to the public and competing providers. See also Dispatch #13 for the revised letter of acceptence from the State to Casella, removing all mention of the $50 million bond from the letter, at Casella's demand.

In coming Dispatches we will provide notes from the meeting that is mentioned here, and will document the answer to the question: Did Cashman "give" on this issue?

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