Dump Documents Dispatch #16
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Everyone who has been working on the West Old Town dump issue knows that a major force behind this project is Maine's Gov. John E. Baldacci. We also know that he has been very scarce in speaking out publicly about this issue. The Governor has never faced an open meeting about the dump.

When the gigantic size of the project finally dawned on the public in late January, 2004, dozens of people contacted the Governor's office about this. Aimee Dolloff, the reporter from the Bangor Daily News who has covered the project, specifically asked the Governor's office whether he would make a public statement about the dump. His authorized statement is reproduced below.

One thing jumps out here: Baldacci makes it clear that this is an "expansion" of the existing dump, a conclusion that any observer of the process has to share. Unfortunately for the Gov, this directly contradicts the official position of the DEP, which is that this is "not an expansion" since the permitted horizontal footprint will not change with the amended license -- in spite of the huge increase of volumes, flows, and types of waste involved, and huge increase in the dump's vertical elevation.

No matter how they want to spin this, the West Old Town Landfill project is a gigantic expansion. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but as the Gov has again proven, it is hard to fool everyone all of the time.

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