Dump Documents Dispatch #10
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In earlier Dispatches we learned that many financial incentives were offered to Georgia-Pacific by the State, over and above the cash up front (and further "cash enhancements" up front) from Casella to pay for the rights to run the dump (see for instance "...no home runs..." in Dispatch #5). The State really, really wanted to prove to G-P that it could hit the ball.

Though the total gifts to G-P would amount to over $160 million over the 30-year landfill and fuel supply deal, a few dollars in the form of an "ETIF" tax break might not be available. The problem? They weren't allowed by law. Always inventive, the dauntless staff at the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) decided that tweaking the laws a bit, exempting G-P from the statutory requirements related to job creation (wasn't this supposed to be all about jobs ...?), would fix it. Can't hit a home run, you weaklings? Not a problem. Let's just rebuild the ballpark.

So here you have it, and in Dispatch #11 you'll see it again -- but that time it's the landfill siting laws that would need to be changed. And our trusty state bureaucrats will be standing by, telling the corporate sector exactly what laws will need to be undone to make it all happen. Stay tuned.

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