Dump Documents Dispatch #17
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One of our recent freedom of information requests to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection fetched the pages below. They are meeting notes made by DEP geologist Richard Behr during a meeting called by Dawn Gallagher (DEP Commissioner) to explain to her staff the immediacy of getting the permitting done ASAP, with the only problem being that Maine's permitting rules did not allow for the speed that the corporate clients (especially Georgia-Pacific) would like.

This meeting was held only four days after the amendment application had been accepted as being complete for processing -- and thus four days into the window for the public to request a public hearing on this project. As is clear from these notes, and from many other documents we have obtained, there was no way that the DEP would allow a public hearing. Five requests for hearings were received by the DEP, all of which were denied due to lack of conflicting technical evidence in the requests.

What does it all mean? Read on, and judge for yourself. If you have concerns about this approach to "protecting" our environment (or our democracy) by Maine's DEP, you might consider contacting Dawn Gallagher directly, at 17 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0017, (207)287-7688.

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