Dump Documents Dispatch #8
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In Dispatch #7 we saw that the possibility of millions in additional cash for Georgia-Pacific showed up as part of the supplementary economic incentive package being offered by the State on January 9, 2004. Where were these millions coming from? Apparently Casella had drawn the conclusion that unless they came up with a few more millions, there would be no deal. Three days after Gov. Baldacci let G-P know that more money was on the way, Casella's President Jim Bohlig sent the letters below that apparently made the offer official.

This is the first multi-page Dispatch, 3 pages. The original letter (2 pages) and the clarification all were sent the same day, and need to be read together. It is hard to resist further speculation on all that may have been going on during the first two critical weeks of 2004. Until alternative explanations are publicly offered, the documents mostly have to speak for themselves.

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