Dump Documents Dispatch #4
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We have been considering whether to continue with these relatively minor and obscure (but tantalizing) memos, or whether to go directly to the "big guns." Maybe it's best to continue with a few more random memos that may inspire questions without telling the whole story.

Today's gem is from the Maine Dept. of Transportation's project engineer Steve Landry to Gov. Baldacci's assistant, Alan Stearns. What this is all about: Brewer and other towns (including Orono, Eddington, Bradley and Hampden) were having a "problem" with huge trash and ash trucks coming through the main streets of their towns. Not least because most of the towns had not been told about the project. Brewer was the most bothered. Its town manager Steve Bost showed up at the first Elks Club meeting Jan. 21, 2003, and was shaking with red-faced outrage at the way the DEP and DOT were going about pushing this project.

Though Brewer made a formal request for public hearing and also requested that the Board of Environmental Protection take direct jurisdiction over this project, out of the clearly biased hands of the DEP, they eventually "withdrew" this request -- after the DEP denied their request for hearings and recommended to the BEP (with Wardwell still sitting in the Chair?) that the Board not take jurisdiction. What happened to make Brewer withdraw their request? Were they satisfied with the new "alternative" haul routes? Or were they merely realizing a bit late that those who go along get along, and the DOT could make its life difficult in the future. As this memo says, "... the next development in Brewer is going to be in a lot of trouble." These are our public servants at work??

For more details on overweight trash trucks, see Dispatch #20.

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