Dump Documents Dispatch #15
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Happy New Year! To everyone who has supported the fight against the West Old Town dump in so many ways during the past year, and especially to those who have made this effort so very necessary, taking up countless hours of our time and thousands of our dollars to carry forward this exercise in Democracy in Action: our politicians, bureaucrats and waste entrepreneurs.

We could not let this January First go by without commemorating the One Year Anniversary of the truly extraordinary efforts of an outstanding bureaucrat, Cyndi Darling of the Bangor Office of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. As you can see from the email below, Cyndi was putting in hours on New Years Day, a year ago today. Her special mission of the day was to alert Pierce Atwood Attorney Tom Doyle, representing Casella (or on that day was he representing Georgia-Pacific, or was it the State Planning Office that was benefitting from his services ... ?). And who was particularly Not Represented by any of them on that day? The people of Brewer. Of course, on any particular day they are also Not Representing Alton, or Hudson, or Orono, or you, or me.

This Dispatch is in part a reprise of Dispatch #12, "Tighten this up ASAP". Check that one out to see further outstanding examples of Our Bureaucracy In Action.

And then, don't forget to have a Happy New Year! And by the way, when's the last time Cyndi tried to get in touch with you, to let you know about something of particular concern? Thanks Cyndi, you're a darling!

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