Dump Documents Dispatch #13
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First, to our treasured Dispatch fans: you may have noticed that we have not posted any here for a few days; a lot has been going on. We The People had to take time out to help with another award, the Toxic Action Center's "Dirty Dozen" award, given annually to New England's worst festering environmental sores. Special thanks to TAC's nominations and review committee for their perceptive inclusion of the West Old Town Landfill! We suspect that in this case, the word "dirty" applies as much to the political process as it does to the leaking dump. We had a few other tasks, such as filing two appeals with the Superior Court in Bangor (one from We the People and one filed by Paul Schroeder), a trip to the hospital to have a bothersome internal organ removed, etc. We hope we won't have to rename this the "Weekly Dispatch."

We last visited the issue of the $50 million performance bond that was required by the Request for Proposals (RFP) in Dispatch #3, titled "Commissioner Cashman may be willing to 'give' on this issue..." As the big picture emerges, it doesn't seem that Commissioner Cashman ever had any intent other than to "give" on this or any other issue involved in this massive give-away of public resources to the private sector.

Today, three documents are presented: the two letters of acceptance, and a later e-mail written by George MacDonald briefly outlining why there had to be two, and expressing some frustration -- but frustration exactly at what? The message he is responding to doesn't state exactly what the situation is. However, we would not be too far wrong suppose that Casella was not only aiming to "negotiate" the $50 million bond, they aimed to negate it totally, an aim in which they nearly totally succeeded, if we are reading the terms of the final contract correctly. Through various deductions, pro-rations and evasions (some documented in notes we have from the "negotiating" sessions) the bond was reduced from a $50 million requirement (as stated in answers to pre-bid questions answered by the State) to an actuality of between $2 and $4 million. We await correction from those more intimately involved and responsbile in crafting (or butchering) the deal.

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