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So Many Documents, So Little Time!

This page is devoted to public distribution of core documents related to the West Old Town (Maine) Landfill project.

Most of these came from public agency and governmental sources. Many were obtained through use of Maine's Freedom of Information Access laws. Most of the documents raise questions that have never been adequately answered by the proponents of this project.

More information about the Old Town dump, including a detailed timeline of the dump project, can be found at Documents Access Page. These documents are presented as a joint project between We The People / Against The Dump and CommonCoordinates.com. If you have further information, suggestions, questions or corrections, please contact: Paul Schroeder or Stan Levitsky.

Needed Posting Now! Waste Management (Norridgewock) Declines to Bid on Old Town Landfill Contract
Document Date: July 9, 2003. Cast of Characters: Waste Management; George Macdonald; Casella by inference. Posted: March 11, 2005.

Coming Soon: Preview Dispatch #21; Dispatch #22; Dispatch #23; Dispatch #24.

Document Dispatch 20: Trash truck weights: How high can they go?
Document Date: May, 2004. Cast of Characters: Pine Tree Landfill, Maine DEP, Maine State Police. Posted: March 11, 2005.

Document Dispatch 19: They just make these things up: When was that meeting, again?
Document Date: July 15, 2004. Cast of Characters: William Laubenstein, Tom Doyle. Posted: March 10, 2005.

Document Dispatch 18: "...there need not be a public hearing...
Document Date: Dec. 9, 2003. Cast of Characters: John Lord, Cyndi Darling. Posted: March 10, 2005.

Document Dispatch 17: "...the gov. needs to contact GP Corporate to determine if this is a deal breaker."
Document Date: Nov. 25, 2003. Cast of Characters: Gov. John Baldacci, Jack Cashman, Dawn Gallagher, Cyndi Darling, Paula Clark, Richard Behr. Posted: March 10, 2005.

Document Dispatch 16: Is this an "expansion"? Let's Ask the Gov!
Document Date: Feb. 6, 2004. Cast of Characters: Gov. John Baldacci. Posted: March 10, 2005.

Document Dispatch 15: Happy New Year! Bureaucrats Beyond the Call 2004 Award: DEP's Cyndi Darling
Document Date: Jan. 1, 2004. Cast of Characters: Cyndi Darling, Tom Doyle. Posted: Jan. 1, 2005.

Document Dispatch 14: Old Town Boys
Document Date: Feb. 3, 2004. Cast of Characters: Alan Stearns, Alan Stormann, John Baldacci, Jack Cashman. Posted: Jan. 1, 2005.

Document Dispatch 13: By Popular Request: The Two Bid Acceptance Letters
Document Dates: Aug. 14 and 18, and Oct. 8 2003. Cast of Characters: MacDonald, Hiltner, Lamoreau, Bohlig, Meagher, Cashman, Laubenstein, High. Posted: Dec. 4, 2004.

Document Dispatch 12: "Tighten this up, ASAP."
Document Dates: Jan. 1-4, 2004. Cast of Characters: Darling, Doyle, Stearns, Clark, Landry, MacDonald, Gallagher, Cole. Posted: Nov. 23, 2004.

Document Dispatch 11: Let's change the laws! (The Prequel)
Document Date: May 8, 2003. Cast of Characters: MacDonald, Adams, Cashman. Posted: Nov. 20, 2004.

Document Dispatch 10: Hey, why not change the laws? (The Sequel)
Document Date: Jan. 8, 2004. Cast of Characters: Nimon, Stearns, Cashman, Sosnaud, Douglas, Baldacci.
Posted: Nov. 20, 2004.

Document Dispatch 9: "...which we are eager to bring to the table..."
Document Date: Jan. 14, 2004. Cast of Characters: Stearns, Baldacci, Correll, Bostic. Posted: Nov. 18, 2004.

Document Dispatch 8: "...a cash enhancement offer..."
Document Date: Jan. 12, 2004. Cast of Characters: Bohlig, Stearns, Baldacci.

Document Dispatch 7: Governor's Personal Proposal
Document Date: Jan. 9, 2004. Cast of Characters: Baldacci.

Document Dispatch 6: We'd better ask the Gov first ...
Document Date: May 10, 2003. Cast of Characters: Lennett, Gallagher, Sawyer, Baldacci. Posted: Nov. 14, 2004

Document Dispatch 5: "...no home runs..."
Document Date: Jan. 5, 2004. Cast of Characters: Douglas, Feck, Cashman, Stearns, Nimon. Posted: Nov. 12, 2004.

Document Dispatch 4: "Brewer is a total pain in the ass." Document Date: Dec. 9, 2003. Cast of Characters: Landry, Stearns, Ibarguen, Cole. Posted: Nov. 10, 2004. 11/10/04

Document Dispatch 3: "Commissioner Cashman may be prepared to 'give' on this issue ..."
Document Date: October 9, 2003. Cast of Characters: Lamoreau, Cashman, Wyke, Adams, Lincoln, Stearns, Tracy.

Document Dispatch 2: The "really exciting news": G-P's "ram-rodding this process"
Document Date: April 25, 2003. Cast of Characters: Cashman, Baldacci, Vigue, Bostic, Correll.

Document Dispatch 1: What is out of state waste?
Document Date: June 9-24, 2004. Cast of Characters: MacDonald, Schroeder, White, We The People. Posted: Oct. 26, 2004. 10/26/04

We The People received Toxics Action Center's 2004 Outstanding Activism Award